Atualização Entre Escalas

Entre Escalas Workshop is a on going event that started on May 5th. It has engaged subjects of parametric design, digital fabrication and the issue of scale on the creation of a urban furniture to be implemented at the Spanish Square (Praça da Espanha) in the neighborhood of Batel, in Curitiba – Brazil. The name “Entre Escalas (In Between Scales)” was suggestive as the furniture had to serve the children as a playground during the day, and the adults as kind of bleachers for a jazz show the evening.

The Students had a series of lectures on the subject, computational classes (Rhino + Grasshopper) with Ernesto Bueno and Lucas Kodama, followed by a intense design competition. Was also present the architects and tutors Gustavo Ultrabo, Pedro Duschenes, Juliano Monteiro, Thiago Mundim and the structural engineer Ricardo Dias.

A second phase of the workshop was to develop a final design that combines the best of each proposal. The students had to make prototypes addressing problems of structure, materials, assembly logic and health & safety. The final phase is yet to come, which is to build a full scale version of the furniture and place it on site.

Entre Escalas Workshop is a partnership between L-E-GAtelier UM+D and CenEGAU and it has over 60 participants working hard to accomplish it.

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